packages.mkMakefile for automated installation of software packages7 weeks
nano-dimerNano-scale chemically powered sphere-dimer motor2 months
lua-openclOpenCL for Lua11 months
lua-hdf5HDF5 for Lua14 months
gcc-luaLua plugin for the GNU Compiler Collection14 months
gcc-lua-cdeclC declaration composer for the GNU Compiler Collection14 months
git-annex-backupCreate incremental backups in a git-annex repository15 months
lua-templetTemplet for Lua19 months
angstrom-dimerÅngström-scale chemically powered sphere-dimer motor20 months
OnlineMoments.jlOnline calculation of higher-order moments for Julia21 months
lua-mpiMPI for Lua22 months
hdf5-mpio-testsHDF5 MPI-IO performance tests2 years
dovecot-lua-pluginLua script plugin for Dovecot2 years
lua-unitsLua Units3 years
luajit-fortran-exampleLuaJIT FFI to Fortran iso_c_binding example5 years
nvgpu-snmpNet-SNMP agent for NVIDIA GPUs8 years